Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Hot Valentine Date

2010's day of hearts is about to close. At least for us here in the Philippines. It's about 8:30 PM here. I just finished my hot date! :)

Want to get more juicy details?

I saw the classic Gone With the Wind. For the first time! Soooo romantic, I know...

...With my mom and dad. At home. :D

You see, every year, Valentine's Day is not just the day of hearts for our family. It's also my mom's birthday. We had a lovely family lunch, caught up with each others' lives, and went home. My eldest brother went home to the seminary; my elder brother and his wife to their home; and my parents and me to Scarlet and Rhett. :D

I fell in love with the movie... :)

Why can't we still wear those huge gowns every day? And the ladies doing needlepoint together, how lovely. Then again, they didn't have Ravelry or Craftster. Neither did they have internet or TV. :| I guess that's why their homes were crawling with doilies and afghans and pillows and bedspreads and blankets.

I really like the picture of the South that the movie painted. I mean, sure there was slavery and all... But chivalry was still alive there. And did I mention that all the ladies were well-versed in fiber arts? I can still remember my delighted shriek when I spotted Mammy holding a ball of yarn. Haha.

Hope everyone had a great day of hearts! :)

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