Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Hole-y Week

As I was going home from work last Wednesday (Holy Wednesday), I mentally prepared myself for a long weekend of contemplation. The following days, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Black Saturday are observed traditionally at our home. I found myself wishing that I'd bought "Crochet Today" magazines at Booksale--what better way to pass quiet days than working on a mindless crochet project, right?

I decided against that though, since I felt guilty of all the books and magazines I had at home already. Lent is partly about shedding unnecessary trivialities, after all.

So I get home. Waiting for me is a package from a local courier. It's my Interweave Crochet magazine! :D And it's the Spring issue, too! I subscribed to Interweave Crochet last year... I was disappointed when January rolled around and I hadn't received my Winter issue yet. I let their office know, and they sent another copy. February rolled around, and I had lost hope. Not in Interweave, but in our local post office. LOL. So I was SHOCKED when I saw the magazine calmly waiting for me (Yes, it appeared so very calm as opposed to my shock. :D).


I love it. Comparing it with Crochet Today, it's meat compared to fluff. Crochet Today is filled with easily completed projects. Whereas Interweave Crochet has in-depth discussions, and a wider range of difficulty levels for projects. Don't get me wrong, I like Crochet Today too. Mainly because the projects they publish look so current and are easy to complete. But I especially loved the designs from Interweave because a lot of them used shells, plus there was a complete article about shells from Doris Chan. She discusses the varieties of shell stitches (all of them lovely) and how they can be used to contour garments and projects.

So, without further ado, I present to you my first Tunisian entrelac project:

This is the Forest Petals Shawl (or at least a miniature version). I loved learning how to do Tunisian, and entrelac at the same time too! Granted, I made quite a few attempts before the thing bore a similarity to the picture... All the same I'm proud of myself because I managed to learn how to do it based on instructions that assumed readers knew the basics of Tunisian entrelac. Here it is, totally unblocked and curling at the edges. :D

I used a regular size F hook -- the diamonds were small so I could use the normal hook. I was just so happy that I was able to manage the gauge swatch, that I just continued on until my Canon size 8 thread ran out. Here is a closer look at the diamonds:

Oh and as for the free pattern, Interweave is giving away an e-book with 8 Free Scarf Patterns.

And the fabulous Mimi Alelis just published a free pattern, perfect for summer. :) It's the Tropical Shawl -- a lovely openwork shawl made in multicolor Cannon thread with a large hook. The pattern for the cute flower accent is also available at her blog. :)

That felt good.*sigh* This is what happens when I don't blog often -- sorry for the uber long post! :D Happy hooking everyone!

Oh, and update: I got the Interweave Crochet winter issue today! :)


  1. You are becoming to be an expert in crochet. Keep at it! ;)

  2. Hi Claire!
    Thanks for your long post, I do miss hearing from you.
    I'm envious of your IC subscription! I think it cost a fortune? (compared to my limited budget)
    And can you please show me the Spring issue, I know there are some items there I would love to make. Sana we could meet again...

  3. Thanks Ms. Meikah. :D I blush.

    Ms. Mimi! I lovelovelove the Spring issue--lots of summery-springy designs. I'm making the Winkle Vest now. Made up of shells mostly. I know you'd like some of the designs... Let's meet up! Ung Wisteria Shawl--grabe. Made up of motifs, pero tuloy-tuloy, walang FO-FO. :D

    Got the subscription as a birthday gift for me last year :D Sulit naman. Considering the special postage and excellent customer service. :)

  4. Thanks, just PM me when you have time to meet up, Claire.
    I am indeed interested in most of the designs in IC. I'm a fan of Kristin Omdahl, and hope I can make the Wisteria shawl.
    I like your tunisian entrelac project! kelangan matutunan ko rin yan ;)

  5. Very cool--and thanks for the links to the patterns. I'm currently in wire but I'm trying to learn crochet. I'm loving your site!


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