Monday, August 31, 2009

Baguio Bagyo

In Tagalog, the word "bagyo" means typhoon. Something that occurs in our country a lot. Even though we've been through countless typhoons, a lot of disasters still happen, unchallenged and unprevented -- flashfloods, soil erosion, heavy flooding.

Which describes our trip to Baguio City quite well. :|

I was so excited to go up there because my parents and boyfriend all need and deserve a break from work. And we're celebrating my birthday! What better place to be than Baguio to kick back and relax, right?


Everything was going okay. We found cheap lodging, and knew our way around the city well enough to know the good places to be and eat. On the second day of our trip though, my mom slipped near a grotto/fountain... Her back was sore and she had gashes on her right elbow. My boyfriend caught a dreadful cold. My dad had to go back early.

And THEN the worst thing happened... My camera got stolen!!! :(( I cried. People stared. I didn't care. All of our memories, gone...

On our way back, my mom, my boyfriend and I had to go on different buses because of the number of commuters.

We bought two kilos of yarn. Wonderful.

But I can't effing post effing pictures because my camera got effing stolen.


I cry.


  1. Good thing some yarns can make a little 'wonderful' difference in this trip :)
    That sucks. i had a few glimpse on that cam and i saw very old photos still there like (something taken a year ago?)

  2. Hi Claire! So sorry to hear that your birthday trip didn't turn out to be as you expected. I had my camera stolen on vacation in Chicago. I put it down in the museum bathroom, on top of the paper holder, and when I realized I had not picked it up on my way out, I went rushing back in, but it was too late. So I completely understand your feelings. I hope you have some good memories, and congrats on the 2 kilos of yarn!

  3. Oh no, Claire...that all seems unlikely for a trip you had planned in advance. I hope you're Mom's fine, and I heard that you got yourself a new camera already...I'm certain you'll have better luck next time.


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