Friday, April 23, 2010

Oh Baby, Baby, Baby (pronounced "bay-beh")

I just finished making the first ever baby-related crochet project. ... And now I understand why people skedaddle to crochet things at every drop of a baby.

Soooooo frakking cuuuuuuuuute... I wish it fits my head. But then again, only a cute innocent little angel can do justice to this hat. :)
Thanks (a million times over) to Ms. Mimi for the free pattern... She posted about this on her blog, but the pattern is available only on Ravelry (login needed).

 The flower is from Suzann Thompson's Crochet Bouquet. The five-petal Traditional Rose. :) Lovelovelove.


  1. Right, only a cute innocent little girl will do justice to this hat...hehe
    Wouldn't you want to make a matching pair of cute booties?

  2. omg. so cute!
    btw nice yarns. what yarn did you use for the pink?
    also: i actually want a crochet hook set which has big hooks. naiinip na ako while waiting for stock in Dreams. can you recommend a source of supplies? :D thanks so much!

  3. Ms. Mimi! I'd love to make booties, but my first try was so bad, I haven't tried since. I just couldn't make a pair that matches! I'd probably feel more confident if I had the baby on hand (haha that sounds evil) so I could see if it fits or not. Siguro sa future kids ko na lang. :D

    Clair! I used Cannon crochet 8 thread, for the variegated pink. Monaco also has crochet 8 thread, in more colors. Both are available locally -- try at Carolina's branches. About the crochet hooks... The widest selection I've seen is at Dreams. I think you can buy them one piece at a time, too, hindi naman kailangan na set. There are also some bigger hooks at Craftworld (I go to the Megamall branch).


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