Sunday, January 3, 2010

New year, new threads (yarns?)

What were you doing while you were waiting for the new year?

I was crocheting. Working on this quick project. Here in the Philippines, Christmas and new year are big events–specially for kids. They parade their brand spankin’ new outfits on Christmas day and new year’s day. I remember always having new outfits for these special days in my childhood.

On the first day of the year though, it’s popular belief that wearing polka dots will bring luck for the whole year. LOL. My grandma never failed her tradition of wearing her red and white polka dot house duster, reminding me of clowns… I miss my lola…

Anyway, since I didn’t buy new outfits for either Christmas or new year’s, I made something! I love this pattern, turned out so well and so quickly. It's Doris Chan's Anisette Vest from her book Amazing Crochet Lace. Made this with yarn I bought in Baguio by the kilo. Unlabeled, of course, the vendors simply called it “velvet.” It’s a little furry, kinda bulky. Came out feeling like terry cloth in this vest. :)

I love that it gives me coverage, but is still breezy. I made it in S-M size width-wise, but made it in L-XL size length-wise (it wouldn’t cover my chest if I made it shorter :|).

I so love Doris Chan’s designs – they are almost always very flattering for most women’s bodies. And I love that her patterns almost always come with a diagram. Other crocheters find her patterns a little difficult to understand, but I don’t. :) It helps that each of her creations has a story behind it. It makes every garment not just an ordinary project, but a journey taken with her.

Happy new year everyone! :)


What do you think? :)