Sunday, December 27, 2009

Handmade Gifts Fail

I promised myself that I would personally make all my gifts for this year's holiday season. I happily saved patterns I found that I thought useful. I even purchased acrylic yarn by the bulk (I planned to give home accessories, hats, and small bags).

But then... the orders started pouring in. My mom requested 15 snowflake doilies for her corporate clients. My sister-in-law asked me to make ten hats and ten bookmarks. I crocheted all of those in less than two weeks. By the time I finished them all, I didn't know if I had the perseverance to finish everything for everyone else on top of the massive orders.

And in between these, I made a triangle scarf, a shrug, and a beret for myself (yes, I put my needs ahead of others >:D). I haven't even managed to take pictures in the holiday rush. :|

So... In short, my family was able to gift hand-crocheted items to their friends. While I had to sneak to the mall to buy myself some mass-produced 2010 journals. :|

Here are some of the items I made (I wasn't able to take pictures of everything):

I hope everyone has a happy new 2010!


  1. These are lovely creations! I don't mind waiting for mine. ;)

    May you have more crochet projects in 2010 and beyond!

    Be blessed! :)

  2. Happy New Year, Claire!

    Its nice to look at all the crocheted items you made, di ba? I used to love "mass producing", and being proud of all that I finished.
    Would love to see also the items you made for yourself :)


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