Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

You don't have to father a child to become a father.  If you inspire other people by living an exemplary life, then you become a surrogate father to them.  Sometimes without even knowing it!

Today, we went to PICC for The Feast (the weekly gathering of the Light of Jesus Catholic community led by Bro. Bo Sanchez).  After the mass, and Bro. Bo's preaching, he called on all the fathers to gather in front of the stage.  He gave each of them a rock, telling them that they are the rock of the family.  That their equivalent is St. Peter, for what he is to the Church.  It was a touching sight when all of the men raised the rock in their hands, while we all prayed for them as they guide their families.

And, me being me (I being I???), I did this:

My dad wanted to display it somewhere he can see it every day, so that he would be reminded of his calling as a father.  Why not cover it with crochet, then? :D  Now, every time he sees it, he would also be reminded of how much we love him, too.

Don't forget to thank your fathers today.  Even if your paternal father is gone, I'm pretty sure we all have other people who stood in their place in some way. :)

See this project on Ravelry:

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  1. Oh how sweet! :) In our Sunday mass, fathers were given white roses and we prayed over them, too.


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