Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mama for my Mommy

Catholics here in the Philippines affectionately call the Blessed Mother “Mama Mary.” My mom has always been a devotee, specially to Our Lady of Guadalupe. When I showed her this shawl, she literally begged me to make it for her. :) The pattern is called Blessed Mother Shawl, and is available for free (!!!) at Crochet! Magazine's website.
I love how it came out. With such light rayon thread, it feels like a hug when worn. Doesn’t really make you feel all that warm -- perfect for my mom who scarcely feels cold.
Finished the shawl in 3 days. Delayed adding fringe until the last minute. Just in time for mother’s day! :)
Love the pattern, even though the tiny filet chart may have caused permanent damage to my eyes (I swear they’re a little closer together now).
If you want to talk shop, visit my project page for this shawl at
I hope you all had a wonderful celebration of mother's day! :) I think no matter how much we do for our moms, we'll never outdo all they've done for us... Hurrah for moms!

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