Thursday, January 21, 2010

Public Menace at Large: Carlyn "Cahz" Delos Santos

I was involved for a while in buying/selling online at Multiply. I had a lot of fun making connections with great sellers and buyers. There was only one person with which I had a FOUL experience: Carlyn Delos Santos or Cahz Delos Santos or Carlyn Eve Delos Santos.

This girl had also scammed other beaders and sellers at Multiply. She still owes me money. After our "incident" she erased her account instead of taking action to rectify the situation. She also stopped using her mobile phone and YM account for a while.

After a few months, she started using her phone again. (Yes, I ring it once in a while. I was THAT angry at her.) By the way, her number is +63915.535.9140 and she also used +63927.779.4917 to contact me. She even logs in at YM again (username princess_cahz20).

And then horror of horrors, I find out that she has a account:

And a Facebook account:

Twitter account:

I just want to warn everyone who would want to make a connection with her. Looks like she's at large again (pun intended, LOL).

She describes herself (carefully leaving out the scammer part of course):

"nAmE -cahz
DOB - 10/30/1988
hEiGhT - 5'1 jz a short gal,but cute......('' feel like vomitting'' )
emm..........wat else about me????????
Mmm.......actually i jz a simple gal..i like to sing n dance..when i'm primary school,i took part in singing competition every year oh......but when secondary school i bcome laz to do is better i take some time to sleep....hehehe
bcoz now i'm a hrm student n alwiz not enough time to sleep...hahaha
A bit clumsy but smart sometimes
A bit careless but Caring
A bit stupid but friendly~
A bit fierce but easy going
A bit chubby but like 2 act cute lol~
And like 2 meet my friends n hang out all d time ya!!
So conclusion a trouble maker but nt faker n a nice person dat u guys looking for(coz most of the times i like 2 joke n geh boh lah!!)
So if u guys interested in me?remember add me up ya!!wait yah.."

So if you see this mug, be warned.



  1. Sorry about that, can you relate how she scammed you?

  2. Honestly I've been trying to forget the whole thing haha.

    She used to sell beading supplies at Multiply. She had a good assortment of beads and charms (or at least her photos did), and at cheaper prices than other online sellers. I assumed that she had the stuff on hand, but nooooo. Turns out she only posted the pics of products that her "supplier" has. She only goes out to buy the actual items after the buyer has paid the full amount. Of course some of the items she posted would be out of stock by the time orders are placed... But by then people would have paid the full amount. Then she suddenly disappears when it's time to refund payment. And it takes decades for the paltry items to arrive.

    The bottom line is that she lied about a lot of things, from start to finish. Which is saying a lot because one transaction with her lasts a few months. All that time she'll keep you stringing, saying she'll have the items and money ready for you soon.

    I could understand the stealing; I understand human tendencies. But to lie to someone so blatantly, constantly and consistently--and then not face up to the consequences of your mistakes... That was too much for me.

  3. Ang kapal ng face nia sis! Uuuuubbbbeeeerrrrr!!!
    Thanks for sharing this... This should be posted in every multiply and blog sites so a lot of people would know. :D That should serve her a lesson!

  4. How do I contact you, Ms. Artful Hooker? It's really important. It's regarding this scammer and I badly need your help please...

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