Friday, January 15, 2010


Let's flash back to the first ever shrug I made. It's the Shells and Flowers Shrug by the wonderful Mimi Alelis.

Perfectly lovely, soft, pretty, nice, beautiful, yarnlicious. The only problem -- It didn't fit me.

I always thought of this shrug as the one that got away... Yes, that was how much I loved it. It hurts, putting so much effort into something so pretty, and eventually ending up not having it. So I promised myself that I would make another one and make it right, demmit.

But then other patterns got in the way, and it got shoved in the back burner of the crochety part of my brain. ... Until I came across this lovely beige shade of Monaco Raylon. :D So last December, in the midst of my yuletide mass production frenzy, I hunkered down and made this.

Hurrah! Success! Altered the pattern by adding more repeats and changing some things here and there... Forgot exactly how I did it, but here it is! It came out a little loose in the back. But I do love that I can wear it with both light and dark tank tops. And that it gives me modest coverage, but is still very open. I absolutely love Monaco Raylon for wearables -- they always feel fresh to the skin, light but drapey.

I apologize for the poor photos -- I took them myself. Never mind the bizarre lighting -- I never know how to arrange myself harmoniously while posing for the camera! :|

I felt like a hardcore DIY-er for life today, wearing this shrug with a necklace and earrings that I made too. I can't believe that I'm that girl--the one who makes her own clothes and accessories. :) Just last year I never would have thought this possible.

Crafting has really changed my life... *sigh* :)

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  1. I LOVE it! And my fervent wish is to have a shrug like this. (._.)

    For a creative and skillful "crafter" like you, here's to more crafting projects! ;)


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