Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Stitching Confusion

I made this shawl for my Mama. Not my maternal mother; my other mother (no, not at all like Coraline's Other Mother). She was my nanny since infancy, and left us when I turned ten. Mama Gie taught me a lot of things -- including the art of crochet. :)

Followed the pattern for Blue Curacao Shawl in Doris Chan's Amazing Crochet Lace. Turned up quickly, and it's one of those patterns I wouldn't mind doing again and again.

Anyway, I went to 2GO in Megamall to send this by courier (Mama lives in Danao, Cebu). I was informed by Noy, the person manning the store, that it would take 3 days to get there. I said it was fine, and took out the shawl.

His eyes widened and he asked, "Wow, cross-stitch ba 'to?" ("Wow, is this cross-stitch?")

To which I answered with a smile, "Hindi, crochet. Gantsilyo?" ("No, it's crocheted.")

He good-naturedly nodded, and asked "A, yung gamit ung dalawang hook ba un?" ("Oh, the one using two hooks?")

Wow. Haha. First of all, cross-stitch is embroidery. I would understand the confusion with knitting and crocheting, for craft Muggles. But cross-stitching? :-/ If crochet was an apple, knitting would be an orange. And cross-stitch would be a potato. :|


  1. The shawl is absolutely beautiful. Is it a Doris Chan pattern? I've had some trouble following her directions. You did a great job!

  2. Thanks so much! Yes, her directions can get confusing... I'm thankful for the diagrams in the book. :) Once you get the logic and feel of what she designed, it's smooth sailing.

  3. Yes, it's a beauty! Am sure you're Mama will be proud to wear it. :)

  4. Aww... you're sooo good!
    I tried following Doris Chan'sn design and I couldn't :(

    Hope I can be as good as you are.

    Anyway, here's my blog http://apeachlife.blogspot.com


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