Thursday, March 31, 2011

P.S. I Made This...

So I can't believe I just found this site:

It's a site for all the girly-girls out there; doesn't matter if you haven't done a DIY project at all before. New York-based Erika Domesek ('s founder) explains all the steps in every oh-so-stylish project through a single collage-style photo! And don't worry, she also makes tutorial videos for her DIY projects.

Here's my favorite so far: her chunky pearl necklace. It's a great way to recycle all those pearl or bead strands you've grown tired of wearing, or have faded in some parts.

Fabulous, no? :) Happy crafting!

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  1. ...i heart the 'psimadethis''s great...i haven't made anything, yet...but i love the website.


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