Friday, March 18, 2011

The Complete Encyclopedia of Needlework

The Complete Encyclopedia of Needlework
I was so happy to see this book on sale at my favorite bookstore. I went into the store just planning to browse through their craft books for inspiration... But then this beauty presents itself to me, with a heaven-sent 40% off tag to boot!

I love reading it. Somehow, while reading it my posture is ramrod straight. I instantly feel maidenly and proper. I guess Madam Therese's voice transcends through all those translations--I feel like a private tutor bent on my social survival is constantly chastising me. LOL.

Even though the language is a little outdated, I love the comprehensive coverage of everything yarny and thready and hooky and needly. Every time I pick up the book, I learn something new.

Plus, this handy dandy color wheel comes with it! It's placed in the back of the book, sort of where an accompanying CD would have been placed for something like a concise encyclopedia. How eminently proper for something so properly crafty. :)

I absolutely recommend getting a copy. For a craft compendium, it's actually portable! And it's a true timeless classic you'll consult over and over again.

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