Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hot Fuzz! I'm all out of yarn! (I'm so lost without you...)

I'm so inspired by (the ever so talented) Doris Chan's book Amazing Crochet Lace. I got my copy over the weekend. It was on sale in National Bookstore at Robinson's Galleria (at20% off, yippee!). Her whole concept of exploded lace is so new and appealing to me, that I was astonished when I saw that her book was published in 2006. I mean, I've wasted so much time looking for beautiful patterns! I wish I'd found you sooner!

Anyway, as soon as I got home, I sat down and made the first project in the book (the one featured in the cover). My mom is attending a wedding by the end of the month and she fell in love with the look of the shawl. The motif is celadon green - very close to the color used in the book, and my mom took it as a sign. I hope the author doesn't mind but I changed up the yarn (she specifically emphasized that the yarns she used would emphasize the pattern's beauty). Finding scrumptious yarns here in the Philippines is quite a task--there are no LYS's (local yarn shops). The closest we have is Dreams, a yarn store which I feel focuses more on knitting. And this offers a not-so-wide variety with few quantities of each skein.

Yesterday, I rushed home to watch the American Idol final performance episode (it airs here at 6PM in StarWorld). While watching Kris and Adam battle it out, I continued working on my mom's Chrysanthemum Tea Shawl. I wasn't able to do much because Kris and Adam (and Carrie Underwood!!) commanded most of my attention.

I hope Kris Allen wins... I do not debate the fact that Adam has the widest craziest vocal range ever, but I think that he's too... well, put together. It just feels like everything he does and sings are acts in a play. I can see Kris coming up with an album and everything, but with Adam...? I see him starring in Broadway. Which isn't bad at all.


Back to my hooking. I surfed the channels for something else to watch, and settled on HBO when I saw Simon Pegg. The movie's title is Hot Fuzz. I don't think it was shown here in the Philippines and I'm so happy that I caught it on TV... In four words, IT ROCKED MY WORLD!

Before I knew it I was crocheting like mad, keeping up with the fast pace of the movie. It was so funny/crazy! The absurdity of it all, coupled with the quirky dialogue and the perfect delivery of the actors--well it was just perfect. I never liked action/comedy movies; this is the first one I liked. I am so recommending the movie to my friends! Thanks to the action-packed movie, by the end of the night, my project expanded to this size:

I'm out of yarn!!! Help!!!

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  1. I just wanted to say that I crochet during American Idol too! I started watching American Idol in Season 8 so I was watching Kris and Adam sing it out too.

    This shawl is gorgeous!
    I found you from Ravelry. We both made the same hat...the convertible cowl/hat. You did yours in rainbow pretty!


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