Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Artful Hooker's Mini-Gallery

I love making accessories -- funky, chunky ones (or at least I would like to think so). I sell some of them, but majority of my creations go to my friends and family.

I want to share with you some of my designs... All kinds of comments are welcome and much appreciated!

This is my signature creation -- the bookmark-bracelet. I started making these because I always lose my bookmarks (I do wonder every now and then where they are and if they're happier wherever that is, but I digress). So, I made a bookmark that I can wear as a bracelet while I'm reading. Ta-daaaa! Problem solved. ;) And besides, it's a great excuse for accumulating all sorts of yummy-colored crochet thread. =D I love the positive responses that I get from other booklovers. Other hookers (or crocheters, if they prefer) love the idea and how easily it can be made. The pattern is very flexible too. Practically any kind of component can be integrated with it.

This is only one of the many that I've made and sold so far. I love making themed ones! I named this one, The Painter. I am such a sucker for variegated thread, and colorful beads and buttons.

This bracelet is my favorite from my Summer Collection. I named it Summer Lovin' because it's so full of hearts! And everything is so colorful.

I didn't name this one because... I liked it so much that I didn't put it up for sale! =D It shows how much I want to be constructive about my creations. I like making unique components out of beads and unconventional materials. I also love the movement of the two-toned glass pearls.

So far these are my favorite earrings. I named this pair Topsy Turvy because the flower is hanging from the stem. =D My idea of the perfect pair of earrings is something dangly but lightweight.

And finally... this is my favorite of all the pieces I've ever done. Miss Clara was inspired by a wonderful novel I read, Gramercy Park. I was so moved by the story of the heroine, a woman-child called Clara, that I was inspired to make this necklace. The setting of the golden cameo is actually a crocheted flower. I also threw in a mixture of charms that I felt appropriate for Clara's story.

These are only some of my designs... I just wanted to show you my style and my preferences in crafting. =) I hope that I'll be able to help out some of the people out there who want to learn crafts!
~The Artful Hooker~


  1. Nice of you to share your creations!
    I love your unnamed bracelet and also the Miss Clara necklace. I like the painter's charms, so cute. We seem to have similar tastes, but I'd have to find more inspiration to create my own jewelry designs (with crochet elements)

  2. Hiya Ms. Mimi! I'm beyond flattered that someone as talented as you, likes my creations! I got the paint palette button at SM Dept. Store... They have other cute plastic buttons there too! Yes, I've been working on making more jewelry using crochet... It's taking a lot of time. :| I'm frustrated with achieving the right drape, and making the components waterproof or more durable.


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