Sunday, June 14, 2009

(Mis) Adventures in Hairpin Lace

I went cuckoo when I found a hairpin lace loom/ crochet fork the last time I went to Dreams Yarn Shop. I asked about it the last time, and they said they didn't have it. Turns out, it's been there the whole time and the shop assistant just didn't know about it. =

Thanks to my boyfriend (who indulged me and bought me a skein of pretty sparkly pink yarn). <3 Talking Crochet:

I omitted the extra shells on both ends because I wanted to make a headband with it, instead of a bookmark. I tried it on my head though, and it looked costume-y so I abandoned it and chose more subtle colors for my next trial:

By this time, I was so confident with my hairpin lace capabilities, and decided to widen and lengthen the band. I got into the groove. Hairpin lace really is relaxing, and all that jazz. My mind drifted off contentedly.

Aside from overguesstimating the measurements of the whole thing, I ended up with this, a tangled, useless piece:

Lesson learned. Note to self: look at the project from time to time to see if it actually resembles the end product you want. =

What else can I do but try again? =) This time I used a much more pleasant color combination -- pale pink and silver grey (my fave color combination lately). I'll post a picture of the finished product when I'm done. =)
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