Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Help Rebecca sell her "Decorative Doilies"

I was browsing through the new online games when I came across something peculiar... Could it be? An online game about crochet? And crocheted doilies nonetheless??? XD

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is with deep honor and explosive delight that I present to you:

Love that start page, by the way. From the game description: 
"In the land of pioneers, a doily makes the ladies feel like they're not living in the wild..."
... Because "in the land of pioneers," ladies often feel like they're in the jungle, hmm.

Hooray for Rebecca! Such entrepreneurship skill at that age! :D I really do feel like helping her out. Although she looks more like a chef (with a rather dirty coat) than a young hooker crafter living in the age of pioneers.

Graphics = Excellent
Intentions = I think, were good
Gaming Experience = FAIL

I've NEVER seen such angry comments on a game before! LOL.

What a tragic end to such an auspicious beginning. :(


  1. I need to play it before I say anything. But at least someone tried making a game, even if it's crappy. Maybe next time there will be much better ones :)

    Btw, sorry I haven't been able to drop by the office :( My sked's weirder now.

  2. bwhuahuahua! This was HILARIOUS! I can't believe someone made a game like this! I played it and giggled for the whole 15 minutes it took me to finish it! The angry comments are so funny, too. It's just a little matching game, but now I feel like making some doilies!!! hahaha


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