Thursday, July 30, 2009

How can you tell if someone's been crocheting too much?

When this happens:

Okay, so this particular hook has been under a lot of stress. I made three shrugs with it in the span of three weeks, with many in-between projects to boot. And it didn't help that I was carrying it around in my spacious bag without a cover or case. I shared this with Ms. Mimi (who created the shrug pattern I'm so addicted to making). She replied, "Anong klaseng hook ang nababali?!" Roughly translated, means, "What kind of hook gets broken in half?!"

Well, erm, this one. It sort of looks like Ron Weasley's spell-o-taped wand in The Chamber of Secrets. :|

Teeheehee. :)

I've been too lazy to write down separate entries for my recent FO's. It's so much easier on Ravelry. XD Here they are, in a wordless flurry and no particular order:

Red Rose SSS for Ms. Meikah

Green Lacey-the-not-so-lacy Headband for me

Anti-CarpalTunnelSyndrome Cuff (based on the pattern for Nancy's Wavy Scarf) for me

XL denim blue SSS (looks like this is going to my mom, or someone else)

Green necklace for me (polymer clay pendant not by me :D)

Green Archer shrug for me - SSS with clover edging


  1. Wow I like the details of your sleeves! ;)

  2. Hi Claire! I'm another Claire! I found you on Ravelry and then looked at your blog! Love it! I have been crocheting just for a few months now, but I really enjoy it. I look forward to seeing more of your projects. You can check out my blog too, if you like. It's mostly about my farm and my sheep, but I did a post recently on some crocheted booties that I am sending to a friend in Argentina. My first project for someone else! So far though, I haven't broken any hooks!
    Have a great day!


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