Thursday, June 25, 2009

Yey, Drops!

Received an email today from GarnStudio Drops Design:


"The new DROPS collection for fall & winter 2009/10 are being posted online!

Thank you very much for your help in voting.
We greatly appreciate you taking the time to vote.
The design team read all the comments and feedback we receive. All your comments are extremely useful and we do our outmost to fulfil all your wishes and requests. There are some strong favorites and the best of these will be featured on the front pages of the DROPS catalogs.

We will begin posting the new collection this week. The patterns will be posted continuously as they have been checked, proof read, translated and all the diagrams have been completed.

As always we are looking forward to your comments once you begin knitting the garments. Remember that you can leave comments and feedback directly on the pattern itself. If you have your own blogg with pictures of your finished garment, please leave a copy on our pattern blogg.


Kind regardsDROPS Design/GARNSTUDIO"

I've always been a fan of theirs. Although most of their designs are for knitting, there are still quite a lot of crochet patterns -- eleven pages on their website, to be exact. Here are some of my faves (these are also quite popular over at Ravelry):

Crocheted Slippers -- Although these might be impractical for someone living in the Philippines, I love the look of this. I would gladly make a pair. In fact, I'm looking for an excuse to make one. =D

Crocheted Headband with Flowers -- This looks soooo cute. Just right for all the hippies-at-heart.

Crocheted Bolero -- I just love cropped cover-ups. I can never get enough of shrugs, wraps, shawls, and capelets! I specially love the lacy look of this one -- perfect for the ever-changing weather here.

Circle Jacket -- I truly love this one. I just want to have the guts (and proper yarn) to crochet this... The enormity of it scares me a little bit.

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